Say I have an inequality like

ineq = a < b;

and a set of equalities of the form

eq = a == c;

Now, my aim is to use the set of equalities and transform them into an inequality based on the sign in 'ineq'. So if 'ineq' has '<', I want to obtain

a < Min[b, c, ...]

However, if 'ineq' has '>', I want to obtain

a > Max[b, c, ...].

How can I retrieve the sign (less/greater) in 'ineq'? Also, assume that I always have 'a' to be explicitly on the left side of the sign.

  • Is there a reason why you cannot use Sign? – Rohit Namjoshi May 22 at 14:06
  • I'm not very sure what you are really trying to do. But try executing the snippet FullForm[ineq] or FullForm[b==c] to see how Mathematica represents those expressions. That should give you some ideas on how to manipulate them. – High Performance Mark May 22 at 16:11

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