Server setup : 2 nodes in a cluster managed in MMC Node 1 (mule 3.8.0 runtime installed in Host 1) Node 2 (mule 3.8.0 runtime installed in Host 2) MMC ( mule console to manage deployments to the clusters , deployed in an application server in Host 3)

So in case of deployments we just login to the console and deploy the app on the cluster registered and the api will be deployed in both the nodes (node 1 and node 2)

Have to migrate the above MMC setup to runtime manager.Suggestions and ideas . Have referred below , However still not clear. https://docs.mulesoft.com/release-notes/mule-runtime/mmc-migrator-tool

Thanks in advance.

  • The link you mentioned contains step by step instructions to do just that. What is the problem you are having? – aled Jul 4 at 2:10

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