Can anyone tell me what this means?


actually it is part of this

return (is_modifytype()) ?
u.myfunction : (::Type*)0; 
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    It means that this is old code that should be rewritten to use nullptr. – Sam Varshavchik May 22 at 15:01

It means "cast the integer 0 (using a C-style cast) to the type Trip* (Trip pointer) found in the global namespace (::)".

It should just use nullptr - as in

return is_modifyCurrentTrip() ?
    u.modifyCurrentTrip : nullptr; 

Note: using :: explicitly to designate the global namespace prevents the compiler from prepending any namespace names itself - this is completely irrelevant when just using nullptr though.

  • thanks every one, i understood ^^ – Billal Ouali May 23 at 8:22

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