I'am developing an ionic 4 application and I've created a popover. Inside this popover I want to use a ion-fub-button that has to be fixed in the top-right position of the popover.

The HTML code that I've written is like this:

   <ion-fab vertical="top" horizontal="end" slot="fixed">
        <ion-fab-button (click)="getStats()">
            <ion-icon id="closeBTN" name="stats" color="light">


As you can see, I want that the ion-fab-button should stay FIXED in the top-right position of the popover, but in reality it doesn't stay fixed, but scrolls with the rest of the content. May anyone tell me why and how I can fix it?

I've also tried to insert the button inside a ion-header, but also the ion-header scrolls with the rest of the popover. And I've also tried to use css position:fixed for this button, but it doesn't work.

May anyone help me?


Maybe this link will help you. In my case, if ion-fab is placed in the custom component inside ion-content, fixed property not work properly.

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