We have a controller in the Spring application, which returns an object which has an ImmutableListMultimap as a property. The object iteself is wrapped inside a ResponseEntity. When the object is returned to the client, the serialization happens correctly, except the ImmutableListMultimap which is getting serialized as "empty: false".

public ResponseEntity<?> getFoo(@NonNull final String abc) {
   Map<String, Object> resultMap = new HashMap();
   Sample sample = getSample() /* getSample returns an object of type 
   Sample */
   resultMap.put("result", sample);
   return new ResponseEntity(resultMap, HttpStatus.OK);

Here is what Sample class looks like

public class Sample {
   String a;
   ImmutableListMultimap<String, String> map;

I was looking into this discussion: Enable json serialization of Multimap in Spring Boot Project and tried creating an ObjectMapper bean inside the Configuration class with GuavaModule as well as directly creating a guavamodule bean

public class mainConfig {
    ObjectMapper customizeJacksonConfiguration() {
        ObjectMapper om = new ObjectMapper();
        om.registerModule(new GuavaModule());
        return om;
    public Module guavaModule() {
        return new GuavaModule();

For debugging purpose, I also changed the ImmutableListMultimap to ArrayListMultimap and still serialization is not happening properly.

The approach in the answer I tagged above works with the spring-boot application but ours is not a spring boot application so that might be why this does not work.

I guess I will have to add a serializer(Jackson or guava or sth else) to serialize multimap. Can someone suggest which one to use n this case and where to add the serializer? Please do suggest if there are other ways to achieve this serialization.

I have kept the code minimal but tried to make it sufficient for the use case. Please let me know if I need to put extra code and I will provide that.

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