I have ascii data 323534, which is 254 in decimal.

How do I write this in python, so I have as input 323534 and as output an int with 254

thanks in advance. This did not work

DistanceP1 = chr(32)
DistanceP2 = chr(35)
DistanceP3 = chr(34)
DistanceAll = [DistanceP1,DistanceP2,DistanceP3]
distance = int(''.join(DistanceAll))

The number 323534 is actually a hex representation of 254.

enter image description here

You can instead do:



  • Thank you. Super. Works – Gamsner May 23 at 16:41
  • No problem, my pleasure! – Felipe Faria May 23 at 17:55

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