im using android studio 3.3.2 and trying to inflate a class into a xml layout using class tag

but the problem is that i get the "unknown attribute class" warning when using this tag

i tried to cache cleaning up, deleating the .idea folder, rebuild and clean project, but non of them helped me.

this is my xml code:

enter image description here

now what's the solution?

Thank you for helping me

  • Could you add your XML and how you're trying to inflate it? Also, it has happened to me that I got errors like this if I have something wrong in any XML – Shalon Isaac May 22 at 22:51
  • i added a pic from xml layout @ShalonIsaac – porya74 May 23 at 20:44

Change your View tag to view (no capital V). Alternatively, you can declare your custom view as:


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