In my Laravel 5.8 app I have many API routes which return paginated results. If I make a request to my API appending the following query string I can disable pagination.


My question is... how can I disable no_paginate from being used on certain routes? I'd preferbly want some validation to go in the request class but I can't find anything in the docs for that.


You can do this using a Global Middleware.

First arrange for the middleware to run on all routes:

// routes.php

Then define what the middleware should do:

// src/App/Http/Middleware/DisableNoPaginate.php
namespace App\Http\Middleware;

use Closure;

class DisableNoPaginate
    public function handle($request, Closure $next)
        //remove no_paginate param from request object

        return $next($request);

For the best approach to get users either paginate or get all listing by below code in UsersController

public function index($type = null, Request $request)
    $builder = User::where(/*query*/);

    if($type == "paginate") {
        $items = $builder->paginate(10);
    } else {
        $items = $builder->get();

    return view("users.index", ['users' => $items]);

Here is the route in web.php/api.php file

Route::get('/{type?}', ['as' => 'users.index', 'uses' => 'UsersController@index']);

Here url will be

http://api.test/users/paginate // get pagination response.
http://api.test/users          // get response without pagination

I think this will help you.

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