currently i added this line to Mojolicious::Lite app to disable caching


but sometimes webpage showing updated content and sometimes showing cached template

i do not know exactly what the problem is, there is no problem with morbo, this is happening only with hypnotoad. i want to try disabling the cache.

edit: i solved my problem. problem is not with the mojolicious caching, it is with the database caching. if you experience similar problem, try setting 'AutoCommit' to 1 in your DBI->connect() method.

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    Could it be the browser cache? Try pressing ctrl+shift+supr and deleting it. – sergiotarxz May 23 at 8:12
  • @sergiotarxz i tried that. – rx57 May 23 at 8:21
  • @sergiotarxz when i restart hypnotoad it is showing updated content. i think problem is with caching – rx57 May 23 at 8:36
  • Then I don't know what can be happening, I am a novice with Mojolicious. – sergiotarxz May 23 at 8:46
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    Take a look at stackoverflow.com/q/41750243/1331451. I wrote a new cache plugin metacpan.org/pod/Mojolicious::Plugin::Renderer::WithoutCache to solve it, and then had a long discussion with Mojo author SRI about the uselessness of it. He couldn't fathom someone wanting this. – simbabque May 23 at 9:17

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