I have successfully builded the CEF3 browser and it works fine.

However, I need to integrate the H264 support to work only webrtc. For compilation, I followed this page: https://bitbucket.org/chromiumembedded/ ... QuickStart

The test with the test page https://html5test.com/ tells me support for ogg, etc. webM (vp8 / vp9). However I have no support for either mpeg-4 or h264 / 5.

As shown on the following page (date of 2017): Implementation of "Remember me" in a Rails application ... st-version, it seems possible to integrate the support I miss it (especially h264) at CEF3. It seems indeed, that the libraries ffmpeg (libavconf, libavformat, libcodec, ....) can be integrated with CEF. What about the x264 library?

I thought I read on the internet that the support for h264 was reserved for chrome, but what about for CEF?

Has anyone managed to integrate h264 support on a recent branch?

Thank you in advance for any feedback or detail that would allow me to move forward.


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