I use a global ValidationPipe with { transform: true, whitelist: true } options. However, in a particular controller request I want to reuse the same class but with different validations, applying the validation groups technique of class-validator. Therefore it is necessary that I override the pipe's options to apply new options.

This is on NestJS 6.2.4. I have tried applying a new pipe at the @Query(new ValidationPipe({groups: ['res']})), but the global pipe is still applied. I have applied the same logic with @UsePipes() but again the global pipe is applied.

Also, I have tried applying the always: false property along with the groups, to avoid validating the property at all times, but since this is the default behavior, it doesn't help much.

@IsNumberString({ groups: ['res'] })
resId: number;
  • I struggled with this and didn't come to a happy conclusion. I use a base class for creation with all the validators and then a sub-class of it extended as PartialType so that those properties can be optional. The only way I was able to override the validation was to do an OmitType and then re-declare the property with new validations. Nov 19, 2021 at 17:36

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In this case, what I would recommend is to add the ValidationPipe at the method level within your controller, instead of at the controller level.

Something like this:

export class UsersController {

        private readonly usersService: UsersService
    ) {

    @UsePipes(new ValidationPipe({
        forbidUnknownValues: true,
        transform: true
    async create(@Body() createUserDtoReq: CreateUserRequestDto): Promise<UserResponseDto> {
        return await this.usersService.create(createUserDtoReq);

Others might add other suggestions though.

  • This doesn't work either. Is there any other solution? Jun 13, 2019 at 15:15
  • 3
    I guess this feature is not supported as per the comment here https://github.com/nestjs/nest/issues/2390#issuecomment-502042256 Jun 14, 2019 at 9:59
  • 1
    Oh I see, not supported by now indeed
    – A. Maitre
    Jun 14, 2019 at 11:15
  • 1
    Are there any workaround for this? I ended up manually adding validation pipes per controller as mentioned on one of the comments on the github issue link provided by @SandeepKNair . :( Oct 23, 2020 at 1:50
  • This did work for me. Obviously far from ideal but as far as I am aware the only alternative. Jun 11, 2022 at 10:15

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