I am making an animation on enemy death but the animation doesnt end on an empty frame so the last frame of the animation will remain on the screen. I saw others complete it by making an empty keyframe as the last frame of the animation to make the animation disappear from the screen after the last frame, but i can't find a way to do it.

Wanted effect https://imgur.com/jaRsBDm Finding the way to make the last empty keyframe


I don't think others manually add them since there is no such thing like an empty keyframe. Sometimes this simply happens e.g. when dealing with sprites see Why are there extra frames in Unity's Animation System?. I guess it has something to do with the execution order and rendering order of animators and UI stuff.

However, you could simply create an additional keyframe going to the wanted time and simply double click in the timeline to add a keyframe for all properties with the current state:

enter image description here

alternatively you can also select all properties for one keyframe by clicking on the keyframe in the grey bar and do CTRLc - CTRLv to copy the selected keyframes elsewhere.

so the last frame of the animation will remain on the screen

this is actually achieved by simply disabling

Loop Time

Enable to make the animation plays through and then restart when the end is reached.

of the according animation clip

enter image description here

  • the current effect, the last frame remaining on the screen after the animation ended – AOV Ezy May 23 '19 at 13:09

A year late, but I found your question while searching for a similar thing. Probably you have solved your issue by now. But seeing a question left misunderstood and unanswered bothers me. Anyway, I wanted to add here for others who may come here searching for this.

  • First Adding an extra key-frame at the end, initially with a sprite active.
  • Then activate "Key-frame Recording mode" (by pressing the red large dot) in animation window.
  • Be sure that the key-frame that you want empty is selected.
  • Go to your Inspector window. Find the Sprite Render Component. It should have a "Sprite" field at the top.
  • While "Key-frame Recording mode" active, you set this field to 'none' (by clicking the icon that has a circle with a dot, and selecting the first item in the popup).
  • Then disable the record mode.

Without activating record mode, this would revert back to the previous sprite.

Of course, as derHugo explained nicely, to make the animation stop at the last (now empty) frame, you also need to click on your animation file in project window and disable "Loop Time" in the inspector.


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