I'm trying to convert decode to dictionary from the below url encoded string. The normal method of doing so is given below. In my case it is not working. Also i need to remove any character like \u{05}

let params = str.components(separatedBy: "&").map({
    $0.components(separatedBy: "=")
}).reduce(into: [String:String]()) { dict, pair in
    if pair.count == 2 {
        dict[pair[0]] = pair[1]

My url encoded string is


I'm expecting result as

"id" = "sfghsgh=sbfsfhj",
"name" = "awsjdk_fs"

How it is possible to achive?

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    Use URLComponents. See for example stackoverflow.com/a/55601459/1187415 – Martin R May 23 at 12:06
  • works fine. but when the key contains some unicode, the answer is falied, updated my question – Saranjith May 23 at 12:16
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    What result would you expect for the updated query string? – Martin R May 23 at 12:17
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    All characters are “Unicode characters.” What exactly do you want to remove? More details are needed. – Martin R May 23 at 12:19
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    Only \u{05}? What about \u{04} or \u{10fff}? Again: please describe the task exactly, otherwise we can only guess. – Martin R May 23 at 12:22

Piggyback on URLComponents:

var components = URLComponents()
components.query = "id=sfghsgh=sbfsfhj&name=awsjdk_fs"

// => Optional([id=sfghsgh=sbfsfhj, name=awsjdk_fs])

let list = components.queryItems?.map { ($0.name, $0.value) } ?? []
// [("id", Optional("sfghsgh=sbfsfhj")), ("name", Optional("awsjdk_fs"))]

let dict = Dictionary(list, uniquingKeysWith: { a, b in b })
// ["name": Optional("awsjdk_fs"), "id": Optional("sfghsgh=sbfsfhj")]

If you need a [String: String] rather than [String: String?]:

let list = components.queryItems?.compactMap { ($0.name, $0.value) as? (String, String) } ?? []
// [("id", "sfghsgh=sbfsfhj"), ("name", "awsjdk_fs")]

let dict = Dictionary(list, uniquingKeysWith: { a, b in b })
// ["name": "awsjdk_fs", "id": "sfghsgh=sbfsfhj"]

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