I want to implement a chat application which uses "MQTT protocol" in order to send messages from the device(Android phone). I need a "Kafka broker" which would run on the server and listen to these messages. For this, I need an MQTT proxy, but even after googling a lot I could not find any open source MQTT proxy. Please suggest if there is an open source MQTT proxy. And if not, then, is it possible to implement one of my own?

  • That sounds like a strange requirement: Why do you need MQTT together with Kafka? Keep in mind that Kafka is not a (typical) message broker but can be understood as a distributed log. – TobiSH May 23 at 13:14
  • Also asking for recommendations for software is explicitly off topic for Stack Overflow. – hardillb May 23 at 14:11

There is an MQTT Proxy from Confluent, but it is not open source. You can use it free against a single broker, or 30-day trial for a cluster of more than one broker.

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