I have some function that sorts string based on digits in the words. For example: "a2m on5 Stac6koverflow q4uestion I1 askin3g" becomes "I1 a2m askin3g q4uestion on5 Stac6koverflow".

It looks like follows:

const order = string => {
  return string
         .split(' ')
         .map(item => item.match(/\d/))
         .map(item => item.input)
         .join(' ');

I understand the code, except for the .map(item => item.input) part. What exactly .input does for the array item here?

Thank you!

  • It map's the property called input on the item as the result. So if you had [{input: 1}, {input: 2}], map would return [1,2] – Keith May 23 '19 at 13:06

Look up what item.match(/\d/) does.

Look at the details of the return value:

input: A copy of the search string.


item.input is accessing the input key of the item object and it's not a method. map(item => item.input) return a new array which consists of only the value within .input for each item in the array

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