I'm writing automation with Python (3.6.5) and Selenium (3.141.0). The webpage I'm visiting, opening a new tab, which I get to my driver.window_handles in Chrome and FF, but not in IE 11.

I tried to google. The only solution I could find is: How to switch to the new browser window, which opens after click on the button?

But it didn't work.

I tried to add 1 second of sleep but the result remained the same.

handles = self.browser.window_handles
test.log('window handles: ' + str(len(handles)))

I expected the output to be 2, which I get in Chrome and FF but in IE I get 1.

  • Have you tried adding a wait for len(handles) > 1? – JeffC May 23 at 14:02
  • @JeffC yes, I also used WebDriverWait(driver, 20).until(EC.number_of_windows_to_be(2)) and nothing changed. – Yoav Keren May 23 at 14:29
  • So the wait timed out or ? – JeffC May 23 at 14:57
  • There're some required configurations to set when using IEDriver, you can follow the required configurations in this documentation and try it again. Also this thread and this thread can be helpful. – Yu Zhou May 24 at 5:47
  • @JeffC timed out, yes. – Yoav Keren May 26 at 15:43

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