i want to fire device orientation event for mobiles using JavaScript, my code is worked fine in chrome , but it doesn't work in safari

if (window.DeviceOrientationEvent) {
    window.addEventListener('deviceorientation', eventData => {
      // gamma: Tilting the device from left to right. Tilting the device to the right will result in a positive value.
      const tiltLR = eventData.gamma;
      // beta: Tilting the device from the front to the back. Tilting the device to the front will result in a positive value.
      const tiltFB = eventData.beta;
      // alpha: The direction the compass of the device aims to in degrees.
      const dir = eventData.alpha;
      // Call the function to use the data on the page.
      deviceOrientationHandler(tiltLR, tiltFB, dir);
    }, false);

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