I have a code on C# that im trying to rewrite to PHP, when it comes to encription my PHP result doesn't match hash in a DB generated by C# code

public sealed class MD5Encryption
    public MD5Encryption()

    public static string Encode(string message)
      return Base64.ConvertToBase64(new MD5CryptoServiceProvider().ComputeHash(new UTF8Encoding().GetBytes(message)));

    public static string EncodeWithSalt(string message, string salt)
      return MD5Encryption.Encode(salt + message);

Here is a C# ConvertToBase64

    public static string ConvertToBase64(byte[] inputBytes)
      return Convert.ToBase64String(inputBytes, 0, inputBytes.Length);
        $strUtf8 = mb_convert_encoding($string, "UTF-8");
        $value=unpack('H*', $encoded);

        echo base64_encode($encoded);//doesn't match maIdHxLbyqD2WkntiLGh2w==

As shown in code salt is 6ec95f40-9fe3-4014-87d6-40c3b1fff77e pass is Danil18. DB value maIdHxLbyqD2WkntiLGh2w==, PHP output OTlhMjFkMWYxMmRiY2FhMGY2NWE0OWVkODhiMWExZGI=

Is this code correct and i am missing some text transformation in C# class?

UPDATE: After digging into C# base64 this code still doesnt output same result

        $string='6ec95f40-9fe3-4014-87d6-40c3b1fff77e'.'Danil18'; //doesn't match maIdHxLbyqD2WkntiLGh2w==
        $string='e734cc98-71bd-45ca-b02c-3b0cf020eb6d'.'x160126@nwytg.net'; //KNv0/uYGHDYuSRxvgYdPoQ==
        $strUtf8 = mb_convert_encoding($string, "UTF-8");
        //$value=unpack('H*', $encoded);
        $value=unpack('C*', $encoded);

        $chars = array_map("chr", $value);
        $bin = join($chars);
        $hex = bin2hex($bin);

        //$bin = hex2bin($value);
        echo base64_encode($hex);//doesn't match maIdHxLbyqD2WkntiLGh2w== , KNv0/uYGHDYuSRxvgYdPoQ==
  • $value=unpack('H*', $encoded); - what’s that supposed to be good for, if you don’t do anything with $value afterwards? – 04FS May 23 at 14:29
  • @04FS i tried to base64 $value[1] result is still different – tttaaabbb May 23 at 14:31
  • are you shure new MD5CryptoServiceProvider().ComputeHash just doing md5()? var_dump(base64_decode("maIdHxLbyqD2WkntiLGh2w==")); php shell code:1: string(16) "���ʠ�ZI툱��" it's not an md5 hash – myxaxa May 23 at 14:35
  • 1
    MD5 has been depreciated as a cryptographic hash function a lot of years ago. Don't use it for criptography or security. Use it only for other non-cryptographic purposes – nacho May 23 at 14:45
  • 1
    @myxaxa i found it in ConvertToBase64, added this to question code – tttaaabbb May 23 at 15:06

so, it was kind of hard, but ok:) if you look here there is second param for md5 function.

use it and get the same result:

$string = '6ec95f40-9fe3-4014-87d6-40c3b1fff77e'.'Danil18';
$string = utf8_encode($string);
$string = md5($string, true);

echo base64_encode($string);




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