I've got an app where I needed to keep a state of a filter form in the URL string.

You can see the implementation here

While changing a form value I want to set it as a URL state but this.router.navigation([], { queryParams }) emits an event which is not needed there.

   data$ = merge(
      filter((e: NavigationEnd) => e instanceof NavigationEnd),
      map(({ url }: NavigationEnd) => {
        const { queryParams } = this.router.parseUrl(url);
        if (queryParams['completed']) {
          queryParams['completed'] = queryParams['completed'] === 'true';
        this.form.patchValue(queryParams, { emitEvent: false });
        return queryParams;
      tap((queryParams: Task) => {
        this.router.navigate([], { queryParams })
    switchMap((query?: Task) => this.getData(query))

Is it possible somehow prevent the emitting of the navigation event?

Needs something similar with this.form.patchValue(queryParams, { emitEvent: false });

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location.go(url) is what you need.
You can always generate a proper url within router.createUrlTree() method

const url = this.router
          [{foo: 'bar'}],
          {relativeTo: this.activatedRoute}

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