I am facing the issue that when I am logging in to codeforces.com through my python selenium script, my login details are not getting saved in cookies, which I have enabled in my code, so each time I run the script I have to log in again.

When I manually log in to codeforces.com, and after closing the tab I open the site again, I am still logged in. I want to achieve this with my python code.

# this is the code to go to codeforces.com page in which I have enabled cookies
from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys
from selenium.webdriver.chrome.options import Options
w = webdriver.Chrome(chrome_options=options)
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    Check this answer stackoverflow.com/a/35641449/8125224 – Muhammed Gül May 23 '19 at 18:36
  • can you tell me what is use of line w = webdriver.Chrome(executable_path="C:\\Users\\chromedriver.exe", chrome_options=options) in the code there – Kanish Anand May 23 '19 at 18:38
  • means what is this given path for – Kanish Anand May 23 '19 at 18:39
  • @KanishAnand executable_path means the path where you have chromedriver.exe on your machine. – supputuri May 23 '19 at 18:47
  • okay got it thanks – Kanish Anand May 23 '19 at 18:58

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