How can I put the same action type multiple times in parallel, and be able to take all the responses? In Redux's documentation, they use call, and all to make API calls in parallel, but from what I've read, reducers are only called when actions are dispatched. How can I dispatch the same action in parallel, fetch every action's result, and have reducers be called?

# api/actions.ts
const getUserRequest = createAction('GET_USER_REQUEST', { userId });
const getUserSuccess = createAction('GET_USER_SUCCESS', { user });

# api/sagas.ts
function* fetchUser(action) {
  const user = axios.get(`api.example.com/users/${action.payload.userId}`;
  yield put({type: GET_USER_SUCCESS, user.data});

# api/reducers.ts
function (state, action) {
  switch(action.type) {
      return {
        [action.payload.userId] = {}
      return {
        [action.payload.userId] = {...action.payload}
      return state;

# ui/sagas.ts
function* fetchSelectedUsers(userIds: number[]){
  # I'm stuck at this saga.  How can I get multiple users, have reducers invoked, and perform additional processing in this saga after they've been retrieved?
  const actionsToDispatch = userIds.map(x =>

  yield all(actionsToDispatch);

  # Pseudo code
  const users = yield take(actionsToDispatch);
  users.map(x => {
    // Perform additional work from users that were returned.  Reducers must also be called from the `yield all(actionsToDispatch);` from above.
  • Hello Mike did you found any solution to this? – lil'ms Aug 23 '19 at 9:30

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