I'm new to python and I'm needing your help.

I'm working with NLP, and I want to classify a field that is string.

I read the dataset

data = pd.read_csv("dataset.csv",sep=';',encoding='latin-1',error_bad_lines=False)

tokenize the field

data['campo']= data['campo'].str.split()

the output is:

1- [Su, inexperto, personal] 2- [Atención, al, cliente]

when I check tutorials that exist on the internet, to the majority, when tokeniza returns the separated words with apostrophe.

enter image description here

the problem is when I want to vectorize (TfidfVectorizer), I get an error and I think my problem is here.

Can you help me? Why do not I have the tokens with apostrophe?

After executing this, I add the possibility to vectorize the field:

Tfidf_vect = TfidfVectorizer (max_features = 5000)
Tfidf_vect.fit(data ['field'])

From here, I throw the error:

AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'lower'

I thought I was coming for the subject of the lower, so I added:

Tfidf_vect = TfidfVectorizer (lowercase = False, max_features = 5000)  

Tfidf_vect.fit (data ['field'])

and from there he shoots me:

TypeError: expected string or bytes-like object

Do you know what it is the problem?


Do not tokenize your text before feeding into tfidfVectorizer(), which means you have to remove the following line in your code.

data['campo']= data['campo'].str.split()

TfidfVectorizer internally does the tokenization. Try your following lines of code directly!

Tfidf_vect = TfidfVectorizer (max_features = 5000)
Tfidf_vect.fit(data ['campo'])

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