Specifically, can I save the memory of input by "reusing" them especially in prediction procedure?

Considering the following scenarios:

case 1:

... # net = previous_layer
net = Conv2D(64, 3)(net)
net = Conv2D(64, 3)(net)
net = Conv2D(64, 3)(net)

case 2:

... # net = previous_laeyr
net1 = Conv2D(64, 3)(net)
net2 = Conv2D(64, 3)(net1)
net3 = Conv2D(64, 3)(net2)

Will case1 save some memory of input by reusing them? I'm about to processing large image (pixel-wise) so I am thinking about saving the memory of input. I've done the training block-wise and I'd like to load the whole image at once for prediction instead of cutting into blocks. Thanks for your comments.


If your network is linear like that, then yes, re-use your variables as in case 1. This would be just like a Sequential model (whereas you're using keras functional). However, many networks use some layers' outputs many times; one layer's output may become the input to more than one future layer, in which case the relevant layers would need unique variables as in case 2.

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