When we are dealing with data generator ( for training or testing purposes) in Keras, there are cases when we want to reset the generator.

The following code is an example of test_generator in R using Keras:

# define the test generator:
test_generator<- flow_images_from_directory(path_to_folder,image_data_generator_object,target_size = c(h_w),class_mode="binary",batch_size =10,shuffle = "FALSE")

#evaluate the model:
my_model%>% evaluate_generator(test_generator, steps = 100)

# Now I want to reset my test_generator before using it for prediction.
# what should be the code?

my_model%>%predict_generator(test_generator, steps = 100)

What I want is to reset the data generator between thge evaluation and prediction step ( because the order is not maintained.

In Python, this is what I usually do:


I cannot find the equivalent of the reset function in R (keras) . Any help?

  • the only thig I do now that works is to use two different generators for evaluation and test( to avoid reset). but it would be nice to be able to reset the same generator. – John May 24 at 18:44

You can always run generator$reset().

What I usually do is to create a function that automatically starts a generator. Then I can just run it like this:

 my_generator <- function() {
    flow_images_from_data(X_train, Y_train, datagen, batch_size = 32)

  # train using generator
  x <- model %>% fit_generator(my_generator(),
                               steps_per_epoch = 32, 
                               epochs = 2)
  • thanks! that's exactly what I have been looking for. – John May 24 at 22:43

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