As you can see I have a list of Id's and the time they were processed and whether it was successful.

What I need is to identify all SapBpId's where the 2ndLatest Date succeeded and the Latest Date failed.

Something Like: Is2ndLatestDate = "2nd Latest" && IsSuccess = true IsMaxDate = "Latest" && IsSuccess = false return SapBpId

Even if the ID has 700 entries I only care about the last 2 date entries and only if it succedded first and then failed on the latest try.

BONUS Points for anyone who can write it in a SQL query that can be run on a Cosmosdb (that's where this data is coming from).


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Add the following Column to you table:

Problem = 
var SapId = SAP[SapBpld]
COUNTROWS(FILTER(SAP;SAP[SapBpld] = SapId && ((SAP[lsMaxDate] = "Latest" && not SAP[IsSuccess]) || SAP[is2ndLatestDate] = "2nd Latest" && SAP[IsSuccess]))) =2

The Column Problem is added and it will set a true on all id's which comply to your needs above

  • This worked perfectly. Exactly what I needed. Didn't think about using 'return'. Thank you! May 28, 2019 at 18:02

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