I have an array like the following

import numpy as np

and I want to re-order the rows in such a way that the second element of the rows is increasing. So, I want the following output

[[ 7.   4.   8.1]
 [ 3.1 10.   6. ]]

because 4<10.

The way I do it is to transform it into a list. Then, I could use sort and impose that the order must be done on the basis of the second element using key :

def f(x):
    return x[1]

print a

I don't like this approach, is it possible to do it without converting the array to a list, for example with np.sort or some other method?


np.argsort will return the indices that sort a 1D array. So you want to sort a using the indices that will sort a[:,1] -- the second elements of each row in a.

You can do this with


# array([[  7. ,   4. ,   8.1],
#        [  3.1,  10. ,   6. ]])

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