I'm having issues with piping the translate command into the word count command using the shell for an assignment. Using Debian 9 Linux distro.

I need to remove colons from the passwd file in the /etc directory and pipe the results into "word count" or wc -w. I have read the man pages, google searched and tried youtube videos, but could not find anything that would point me in the right direction. Things I have tried include:

tr -d ":" | wc -w /etc/passwd

tr -d [:punct:] | wc -w /etc/passwd

tr -- delete [:punct:] | wc -w /etc/passwd

tr -s [:punct:] [:space:] | wc -w /etc/passwd

tr -t [:] [" "] | wc -w /etc/passwd

The piped command is supposed to delete colons, replace them with spaces, and change the word count/"wc" commands output.

Before using translate and piping to wc, passwd's word count is equal to 37 lines, 60 words and 2054 bytes. I believe the number is supposed to increase when you remove the colons.


You have to send the content of the file to tr first.

< /etc/passwd tr ":" " " | wc -w

Or with cat, even when it's a useless use of cat.

cat /etc/passwd | tr ":" " " | wc -w
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    note: this is a useless use of cat – hek2mgl May 25 at 1:50
  • Thanks! It didn't occur to me that you had to redirect it to the file. Still crawling while trying to learn the command line. – Aaron Thomason May 28 at 3:16

you mean something like this?

tr ":" " " < /etc/passwd | wc -w
  • Thank you, that works as well, I didn't know how many ways you could skin this cat until I saw the responses! – Aaron Thomason May 28 at 3:19

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