So, I’m attempting to create a 3d model of a bow (and arrow). I have some experience with making 3d models but nothing this complicated. I’ve created the 2d sketch of it and then extruded it to make it 3d, but I can’t figure out how to round the edges to make the bow circular rather than squarish. I’ve tried freeCAD, but the fillet causes the part to fail, and I’ve found no good alternatives that don’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Am I going about this totally wrong? Looking for some guidance or recommended references. Please excuse any ignorance on the topic I might be displaying here in asking this question.


This is a very broad question, and I would suggest first going over some tutorials like this to get started (in case you are interested in learning the software).

In case you just want the model for the bow and arrow, I'm positive you can find a whole bunch of them online (on sites like free3d.com or turbosquid etc.)

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