I'm trying to codesign my macOS screensaver project to get rid of the "unidentified developer" warning message. Both Apple's documentation and this person on Apple's forums say that you should use the "Developer ID Application" signing certificate to do it. But that doesn't appear to work for me.

When I follow Apple's instructions on how to test for proper signatures the response I get is as follows:

Screensaver.saver: rejected (the code is valid but does not seem to be an app)

My signing settings look like this:

enter image description here

I'm not sure what else I should try at this point. Mostly I'm worried about the rumor future mac apps will have to be signed/notarized and what does that means for screensavers?


Just in case someone else stumbles in here...

For now I've realized that a good way around this is to create an installer package and then sign that following Apple's instructions.

I ended up using some free software called Packages to create the installer. After building the installer, I copied it to another folder and used the following command to sign it.

/usr/bin/productsign --sign "<Name of Developer ID Installer Cert in Keychain>" source.pkg destination-signed.pkg

Hope this helps someone out there. As far as I can tell this gets around the unidentified developer warning.

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