There seems to be an issue with Google Apps Script JDBC Connection in recent days, where connection via a hostname fails, but specifying an IP works.


Failed to establish a database connection. Check connection string, username and password.

    var address = '';
    var user = 'root';
    var userPwd = '';
    var db = 'employee';
    var msSqlUrlSyntax ='jdbc:sqlserver://'

    var dbUrl = msSqlUrlSyntax + address + ';databaseName=' + db;

    // msSqlUrlSyntax = 'youOptionalTestingQuery'
    var conn = Jdbc.getConnection(dbUrl, user, userPwd);


You have done it right. Using an IP address instead of hostnames work as workaround. This is a known bug. Also, this issue was cited in this SO post.

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