I totally messed up my development Liferay (trial-and-error experiments lead to many wrong identifiers being written in many wrong MySQL rows/columns).

How to reset it, so that I get a fresh clean Liferay?

I want to get back to the situation where you have just installed Liferay, and there are no users, no customizations, no pages, no content.

I should take less time than reinstalling all of Liferay (Java, database, etc).

  • All you need to do it drop all the tables from the database. If the database tables don't exist when liferay starts up, it will re-create them on startup. – Chris M Jun 5 at 14:45

1) Shut down Liferay.

2) Drop the database and create it again (Example for MySQL. You can find the exact database name in a .properties file in Liferay's home folder):

drop database lportal;
create database lportal character set utf8;

3) In Liferay's home folder, remove the content of each of these folders:

  • osgi/modules/
  • osgi/state/
  • data/document_library/
  • data/elasticsearch/

Note: I suggest keeping the license folder, to avoid the hassle of reinstalling the license. It has always worked for me.

4) Still in Liferay's home folder, remove the files portal-ext.properties and portal-setup-wizard.properties (or keep them if you have no added anything special to them, that will spare you from having to configure the database access again)

5) Start Liferay again.

  • I didn't check if the license directory is specific to the database state. My script for recreation just always copies the license to the deployment directory. – Tobias Liefke May 28 at 19:58

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