I'm on ubuntu 18.04, and I want to upgrade my intellij commmunity version.

I know I can go to the website and download the binaries manually, but I have githount account synced to my 2018 preferences and settings.

Thus, it would far more preferable if I could make the upgrade without actually deleting my 2018 version.

Is there any way to accomplish this? (I have not installed intellij via snap -- doing sudo snap refresh intellij-idea-community did not work)

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    I believe, when you run a new version of Idea, it suggests you to import settings from the previous version.
    – user2956272
    May 27 '19 at 8:02

A quick Google search came up with this relevant question. The accepted answer has the information you are looking for, particularly this part:

If you make an upgrade to another major version then (during installation) your home directory is scanned and you will be asked whether you want to reuse existing settings from a previous version of IntelliJ IDEA. The settings are migrated if you agree (copied to a new version-specific directory).

You can find more information about updating IntelliJ in general here.

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