In postman I want to create a GET request that returns a 302 status code (along with a Location response header). I have been trying to replicate the original request from the browser inspector, but I always get a 200 response (and no Location response header).

How can I get the desired response with the Location response header?


What is probably happening is that Postman receives a 302 status code, but is configured to redirect in this case, so it automatically redirects after which Postman receives a 200 status code, which is what you end up seeing.

Apparently turning off "automatically follow redirects" should offer you a solution. https://learning.getpostman.com/docs/postman/launching_postman/settings/ View postman request when redirects


Please try to turn off automatical redirects (File->Settings: General Tab): enter image description here

  • Yes that kind of worked. I also get a Location parameter - but a very different one: All the params are missing completely!
    – Alex
    May 27 '19 at 8:18
  • What did you get, and what did you expect? May 27 '19 at 9:11
  • In the browser inspect its an URL with a lot of parameters, including the login token. In Postman its just the URL without any parameters. But I need that login token!
    – Alex
    May 27 '19 at 10:55
  • @Alex Do you mean in your browser, the 302 HTTP response has Location header, AND it also has login token etc.? That is a really weird situation. May 27 '19 at 13:11
  • 1
    The issue has been solved locally. Its related to OIDC login for wich a library can be used to handle all the requests in order to get a login session.
    – Alex
    May 28 '19 at 7:09

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