Is it possible to place an email into multiple lotus notes folders without creating a copy of the email? Essitiantly, I am looking for a way to create a shortcut to the same email in a different folder. For example, I have many emails relating to expenses. I would like to place the email in a folder I created called 'Airport Expenses', as well as in a folder I created called 'Business Travel DD/MM/YYYY', without duplicating the physical storage of the file.

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Placing an email into multiple folders, in Notes, does not create a copy of the email - it simply adds a reference to the email to each folder. (Deleting the email will delete the one and only copy of the email, and remove references from all folders).

Be default, dragging between folders moves the email. If you hold the control key while you drag an email, you can add it to a new folder without removing it from the original folder (i.e. copy it to a folder).

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