I'm using the horizontal bar chart for flutter that autosizes the bar heights.


enter image description here

When I have a single bar as in this example I want to fix a maxheight (e.g. 10px) for the bar. How is this configured?

I'm looking at the constructor here but I haven't found a solution https://pub.dev/documentation/charts_flutter/latest/flutter/BarChart-class.html

      child: SizedBox(
        width: 300.0,
        height: 250.0,
        child: charts.BarChart(
            charts.Series<OrdinalSales, String>(
                id: 'Sales',
                domainFn: (OrdinalSales sales, _) => sales.year,
                measureFn: (OrdinalSales sales, _) => sales.sales,
                data: localData,
                colorFn: (_, __) =>
                labelAccessorFn: (OrdinalSales sales, _) =>
                    'Category 1: ${sales.sales.toString()}')
          animate: true,
          vertical: false,
          barRendererDecorator: new charts.BarLabelDecorator<String>(labelPosition: charts.BarLabelPosition.inside
          new charts.OrdinalAxisSpec(renderSpec: new charts.NoneRenderSpec()),
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    are you asking for the bar width? If it is, update your question – Milvintsiss May 6 '20 at 1:46

There is no possibility to do this for the moment according to this issue.

But I think you can bypass this by creating others items with transparent color or change the Chart library code.

EDIT 2021/03/23

There is still no solution from the google team but Boken's solution seems to be a good one.


Try to do this -

  constraints: BoxConstraints.expand(height: 50.0), // adjust the height here
  child: Your_chart_here, // place your chart here
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    Thanks for the code. However, this limits the entire chart, but not the bars contained therein. It works ok for a chart with a single bar, but our charts vary between 1-5 bars so if it's limited for a single bar setting the chart with 5 does not work. – user1961 Jun 6 '19 at 17:49


You can try to wrap BarChart in to SizedBox, wrapped with SingleChildScrollView.

In pseudocode

- SingleChildScrollView
       - SizedBox
              - charts.BarChart


  child: SizedBox(
    height: 2000,
    child: HorizontalBarLabelChart(

Size calculation

Height of the SizedBox can be calculated base on number of data, e.g.:

numerOfElements * 50


For 100 elements

enter image description here


For 100 elements (so height is 5000 because 100 * 50)

enter image description here


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