I'm currently trying to set up an Asp .NET Core 2.1 Project with an angular frontend, using this tutorial. It's the same, I've been using some time ago with Visual Studio 2017.

The Tutorial asks me to use the Online-Template Angular 7 .NET Core 2 Template. However in Visual Studio 2019 I cannot find the option to create a project from using online-templates.

How can I do this in VS19? I think it should be really trivial, but I can't find any relevant information on google. The only hints I found in the docs, is to either clone a repository or Install more tools and features Using the Visual Studio Installer. I have Web-Development enabled and can't find any option there to enable online-templates.

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I know, that the template itself is only compatible with Visual Studio 2017. But since I'm able to work on existing projects, that I created using Visual Studio 2017, I assume that there must be an easy way to create those projects.

I've also tried to use the dotnet new angular -o my-new-app command. But this template still uses anguar 5. So I'd have to update angular to version 7 first. This involves changes to the whole project structure, like switching angular-cli.json to angular.json and other things.


You can download a plugin that will make the create new project look like the classic one: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=softworkz.SwitchProjectDialog

  • ty, but the Information is already included in @magicandre1981 's comment – LuckyLikey Aug 5 '19 at 14:20

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