I have my code that saves my file as a .pdf that works great, but I want it to be saved as read-only as well.

Dim FilePath as String
With Application.ActivePresentation
    .SaveCopyAs FilePath & "CurrentBrief.pdf". ppSaveasPDF
End With

I am using PowerPoint 2016 and am looking for what I can add/change to make this code add the read-only attribute to my PDF file.

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    Do you mean read-only as in "the read-only operating system attribute is set" or as in "password protect the PDF"? If the former, SetAttr "C:\temp\yourfile.pptx",vbReadOnly If the latter, I don't think it's possible. – Steve Rindsberg May 27 at 19:54
  • The SetAttr worked to do what I wanted it to, Thank you Steve! – Vextrious May 27 at 20:56

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