I just did a fresh install of RabbitMQ on my RaspberryPi with Raspbian Stretch 9.9, and I wanted to use the rabbitmq-diagnostics command to check status/ping and other monitoring info but it says the command cannot be found. I don't know if it comes bundled with RabbitMQ and if it does if I need to do something or if I need to install a plugin but there's virtually no documentation about that so I assume it just comes with RabbitMQ like rabbitmqctl does, but I have no idea why it isn't a command.

I've restarted my RaspberryPi several times, and the other commands work as they should. I've done a fair bit of searching online and I can't seem to find any info on it other than the official documentation page;


Any help from anyone would really be great.


Wasted 20 minutes on this.

I needed rabbitmq-diagnostics for getting environment and check for a key (collect_statistics_interval)

However, in my latest installation rabbitmq-diagnostics is missing. Also, no help on installation on official website.

But found a workaround, see below:

sudo rabbitmq-diagnostics environment | grep collect_statistics_interval
is same as
sudo rabbitmqctl eval 'application:get_env(rabbit, collect_statistics_interval).'

Hope that helps someone.


Most likely your rabbitmq package doesn't have rabbitmq-diagnostics. You may fetch a higher version to install and thus get rabbitmq-diagnostics.

I checked rabbitmq-server-3.5.6 in my env and I cannot find diagnostics either. However, I can find it in rabbitmq-server-3.7.17.

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