I am turning around about a problem concerning an todo-list array, deleting the element and see a re-rerendering element incorrectly I am using react-hook and testing few stuff. I wanted to test what happen if 2 items of the list get the same Id and I want to delete them.

Context: Got a list, adding item with an index base of the lenght of the list (testing purpose), deleting one and adding a new item (so 2 items got the same index). Trying to delete items and see whats happen

  1. Using useState, I got the old list of items that re-appear. I suppose that the state isn't well re-writed because deleting an element make the previous list of element appear again.

  2. Using useReducer (to check the usage with a clean state). But delete element of the wrong index will not be erase from the list (react do not render an empty list)

I uploaded the second version on https://dp-test-app.depstep.now.sh/todo

I tryed to play with cloning array to create a new pointer and else.. but nothing really changed

The questions are :

  • Why the state with useState isn't really updated if item appear again in the list when I try to delete again?
  • Why there is this "ghost" item that will not be re-rendered?

With useState

  • adding a second item,
  • a third item,
  • a fourth item,
  • deleting item 2,
  • adding one more item (so 2 item will get the same index)
  • deleting item 2 again (wrong render)
  • deleting item 2 (nothing happen)
  • deleting item 3 (last item desappear)
  • deleting item 2 (last item re-appear)...Can loop with this
  • If delete the first item, this item desappear
  • if delete the 1er item again, the "first" item will appear again..


Hope it's quiet clear :-D

Here is a bit of code :

Reducer :

const todoListReducer = (state, action) => {
    console.log('state', state)
    console.log('action', action)
    switch (action.type) {
        case 'ADD':
            return state.concat(action.payload)
        case 'REMOVE':
            const filteredTodoList = state.filter((todo) => todo.id !== action.payload)
            console.log('filteredTodoList', filteredTodoList)
            return filteredTodoList
            return state
    const [todoList, setTodoList] = useState([{ id: 1, value: 'first' }])
    // const [todoList, dispatch] = useReducer(todoListReducer, [{ id: 1, value: 'test' }])

Add item :

    const addTodoItemHandler = () => {
        const newItem = { id: todoList.length + 1, value: todoName }
        // dispatch({ type: 'ADD', payload: newItem })

Delete item:

const deleteTodoItemHandler = (itemId) => {
        // useReducer
        dispatch({ type: 'REMOVE', payload: itemId })
        // useState
        const updatedTodoList = [...todoList]
        const filteredTodoList = updatedTodoList.filter((todo) => todo.id !== itemId)

I suppose it's coming from the fact that duplicated index isn't clear by the re-render action (I call it ghost) and adding a new item will display it after this 'ghost'

Thank you in advance

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