My task executes more than once with two minutes. but scheduled for once in celery_beat queue.

Tried with restarting the celery with supervisorctl command as supervisorctl stop all and supervisorctl stop all

app.autodiscover_tasks(settings.INSTALLED_APPS, related_name='tasks')

app.conf.task_default_queue = 'default'
app.conf.task_routes = {'cloudtemplates.tasks.get_metrics': {'queue': 'metrics'}}

app.conf.beat_schedule = {
    'load-softlyer-machine-images': {
        'task': 'load_ibm_machine_images',
        'schedule': crontab(0, 0, day_of_month='13'),
        'args': '',
        'options': {'queue': 'celery_beat'},

Expected to run the sheduled task only once for on 13 th of every month.

  • I think crontab only receive keyword arguments try with crontab(minute=0, hour=0, day_of_month='13') – Patricio May 28 at 21:14
  • Also, try deleting your celerybeat-schedule wich is generated at the start of celery beat command, this depends on the way you start your celery_beat – Patricio May 28 at 21:17

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