SW caches an image file, but not JS (size 0 bytes)

    if ('serviceWorker' in navigator) {
            .register('service-worker.js', { scope: '/' })
            .then(function(registration) {
                console.log("Service Worker Registered");
            .catch(function(err) {
                console.log("Service Worker Failed to Register", err);


    const CACHE = 'cache-only-v1';
    const timeout = 400;

    self.addEventListener('install', (event) => {
        caches.open(CACHE).then((cache) => {
            return cache.addAll([

Image here: https://f.usemind.org/img/2019-05-28_143451.jpg


Information displayed in chrome DevTools are based on Response Headers and sometimes, it doesn't reflect reality. Your js files are cached but it doesn't have a Content-Lenght in it's Headers.

to test it you can do :

.then( cache => cache.match('/sys/js/popmotion.global.min.js'))
.then( res =>res.text())
.then( js => console.log(js))

This code will check in your caches for popmotion.global.min.js, and display it's content.

  • Thank You so much! – Inverser May 28 at 16:18

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