I am creating a dataframe from a list of lists where some "rows" have 3 "columns" and some have 20, for example. I don't know because this is parsing a text file to generate the list. The data is all strings.

I have tried the following code:

df = pd.DataFrame(data=myArray)
df_xrefs.columns(['Column A', 'Column B'] + ['DynamicColumn_{}'+format(x) for x in range(1, int(df.shape[1])-1)])

I expect the columns to be:

 'Column A', 'Column B', 'DynamicColumn_1, DynamicColumn_2' ... 'DynamicColumn_n'
TypeError: 'RangeIndex' object is not callable

With my current test data, the output of the following is 5

df = pd.DataFrame(data=myArray)

you are missing the reassignment of columns with equals.

df_xrefs.columns = (['Column A', 'Column B'] + ['DynamicColumn_{}'.format(x) for x in range(1, int(df_xrefs.shape[1])-1)])
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