I am trying to add Brightness, Contrast, etc support to a USB WebCam application I am creating for Windows 10 UWP in C#. I am using three different USB cameras including a Logitech LogiCam. What I'm discovering is Brightness, Contrast, even resolutions greater than 640x480 are not supported under Windows 10 UWP. However, when I examine those capabilities on Android OS they are fully supported.

Are there any overrides or some way to make Windows understand these capabilities are supported by the USB camera?

I've tried examining these capabilities using Android OS with the Saki UVC library and they work just fine.

private MediaCapture _mediaCapture;
private MediaDeviceControl _brightnessControl = null;
private MediaDeviceControlCapabilities _brightnessCapabilities = null;
// ...
_brightnessControl = _mediaCapture.VideoDeviceController.Brightness;
if (_brightnessControl != null)
    _brightnessCapabilities = _brightnessControl.Capabilities;

enter image description here

  • I see the following from the official doc: Some drivers may require that the camera device preview to be in a running state before it can determine which controls are supported by the VideoDeviceController. If you check whether a certain control is supported by the VideoDeviceController before the preview stream is running, the control may be described as unsupported even though it is supported by the video device. Can you check whether this could be the reason? – Barry Wang - MSFT May 29 at 6:41
  • Great suggestion! Unfortunately, even after the stream is previewing for 10 seconds, brightness, contrast, etc still report as not supported. – twoputt Jun 2 at 0:38
  • Can you check the driver your are using? If you are using Logitech driver, please make sure that it is not the latest driver. And if you are using in-box driver, the scenario will be different. – Barry Wang - MSFT Jun 5 at 9:34
  • It is the Microsoft device driver created 6/21/2006, version 10.0.17763.404. When I try to update the driver, Windows 10 tells me its the most recent driver. – twoputt Jun 7 at 1:40
  • Can you check that whether the Logitech has specific driver for your cameras? Test it first, and if it still reports the same, I will try involve someone in this case to see details(maybe from inbox driver logs). – Barry Wang - MSFT Jun 14 at 6:54

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