I'm using native windows code to enumerate over a list of HID devices and setup a connection based on hardware IDs. I'm doing this in a DLL which I'm using in a Qt app. I have no problem connecting, writing, and reading data. When I turn off the device I want my app to re-connect to the device automatically or another device that shares the same hardware IDs; however, on each subsequent connection it slows down the Qt GUI. For instance, shifting between tabs is noticeably delayed.

This led me to believe that maybe I'm not properly disconnecting from the HID device or there's a memory leak of some sort. If I restart the app, connect to the device again then the GUI runs normally.

Currently, while reading a report if there's a failure I'm triggering the "disconnect" process by closing the handles, but maybe this isn't enough? Is there a way I can "clean the slate" in a sense so I reconnect to the device without the data slowdown?

Here's my code where I close the I/O Handle and Event Handle:

char* HID::ReadReport() 
        DWORD BytesRead;
        InputReportBuffer[0] = REPORT_ID;
        BOOL Result = ReadFile(IOHandle, InputReportBuffer, Capabilities.InputReportByteLength, &BytesRead, (LPOVERLAPPED)&HIDOverlapped);
        if (Result)


    return InputReportBuffer;
  • Are these two handles the only resources you allocated when connecting? – Ben Voigt May 29 at 1:13
  • Well, there’s hid capabilities and overlapped but I didn’t think those needed anything special. – karamazovbros May 29 at 5:52
  • @BenVoigt If there's an error while performing ReadFile is it enough just to close the handle? – karamazovbros May 30 at 0:24
  • Generally yes (at least it is with other USB device classes I use). Do check for errors on the CloseHandle() call even though you can't do anything about them, because knowing when there is a problem is half the battle. – Ben Voigt May 30 at 4:42
  • @BenVoigt I checked and both CloseHandle functions are successful. – karamazovbros May 30 at 23:16

The problem was Qt related. A QTimer connection setup related to the ReadReport function was being called multiple times leading to the slowdown on subsequent connection attempts.

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