I need to create PDF-file (done) and save it to Files application, so user can access it anytime outside of my app. I tried rn-fetch-blob and react-native-fs packages and they worked fine for Android, but for iOS they can only create files to internal app storage (so files are not created in external storage, i.e. not in iOS Files application). What options do I have to save my created files to Files application? I know that it is possible, i.g. Slack app allows saving files to Files app.

  • I have added the below keys in info.plist but didn't work for me. Which directory you have used to save the downloaded file in iOS's Files application. My functionality is exactly same as yours.
    – JiteshW
    Jul 30, 2019 at 11:46

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You have to either add the UISupportsDocumentBrowser key and set to true, or both the UIFileSharingEnabled and LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace keys in your Info.plist file

When the user will open a document from your app's Documents directory, through Files app, they would be editing the document in place. The changes are saved to your app's Documents directory.

Refer this for more.

  • Thank you! Your answer helped. P.S.: I added all keys that you had mentioned.
    – E. Dn
    May 29, 2019 at 8:57

you can try with react-native-fs to save and download in local directory.

var url = path let fileName = path.split("/").pop() // console.log('fileName', fileName) var ext = this.extention(url); ext = "." + ext[0]; const localFile = ${RNFS.LibraryDirectoryPath}/${fileName}; // console.log('localFile', localFile)

        const options = {
            fromUrl: path,
            toFile: localFile,
            fileCache: true

        if (await RNFS.exists(localFile)) {
            FileViewer.open(localFile, { displayName: this.props.route.params.conversationSubject });
        } else {
            await RNFS.downloadFile(options).promise
                .then((res) => {
                    // console.log('res', res)
                .then((res) => {
                    // success
                    // console.log("success", res);
                .catch(error => {
                    // error
                    console.log("Attachment open error: ", error);

I've added new functionality to react-native-share module to store a file only in Files app. It's not merged yet but you can use my fork version. https://github.com/gevorg94/react-native-share/tree/share-files-app.

Replace "react-native-share": "X.X.X" with "react-native-share": "git+https://github.com/gevorg94/react-native-share.git#share-files-app",.

You can find usage in PR https://github.com/react-native-community/react-native-share/pull/681

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