I`m testing coroutine example code on IntelliJ IDEA. But I cannot import library which needs for coroutine.

I created project as Kotlin - "JVM | IDEA". I tried simple print hello world code and succeesfully done. But coroutine example don`t even execute.

import kotlinx.coroutines.launch
import kotlinx.coroutines.runBlocking
import kotlinx.coroutines.sync.Mutex
import kotlinx.coroutines.sync.withLock

fun main()
    runBlocking {

      var counter = 0
      val lock = Mutex()  

      val coroutines = List(3) {
        launch {
          repeat(1_000) {
            lock.withLock {

      coroutines.forEach { it.join() }

      println("Final counter: $counter")

This Code runs on https://play.kotlinlang.org. But in IDEA, they cannot understand it, showing 'Unresolved reference'.

I`ve searched but no answer found. How can I run this on IDEA project?

  • You need to declare all dependencies. github.com/Kotlin/kotlinx.coroutines – tynn May 29 at 10:05
  • The code works fine on Intellij IDEA 2019.1, kotlin 1.3.31 without any changes. – Nolequen May 29 at 11:57
  • @Nolequen How did you setup these dependencies? I made 'Gradle Kotlin Build Script' and pasted them to file but nothing did work well. – Temp May 29 at 12:11
  • you may refer to official documentation about how to setup kotlin project using gradle: kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/using-gradle.html – Nolequen May 29 at 12:14
  • @Nolequen I need your help. I am newbie at this and I cannot find any right place to set a code. When I tried running kts, it shows some bulb icon. After clicked it, IDEA added some jar for running kotlin script at KotlinJavaRuntime.xml <root url="jar://$KOTLIN_BUNDLED$/lib/kotlin-script-runtime.jar!/" /> Then I thought if i add something correct, it will run. But of course failed. Should I use other project like Gradle - Kotlin/JVM or Java - Kotlin/JVM to setting well? I will try more. Please give me some hint that I can use – Temp May 29 at 14:29

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