I'm making a program, with c++ and winapi, where you can click a button, then select a window and it changes the transparency of that window.

I have no problems of making the window transparent, but i can't get the hwnd of a window.

When I use this function the program just crashes (No errors are being printed to the console).

  HWND found = GetForegroundWindow();
  if(found == self || found == NULL)
    return getHWND(self);
  return found;

I tried using this, but I don't like it, because the user has only 2 seconds to click on another window. (I'know I could use a bigger delay, but then it might be to much.. so this isn't optimal)

  return GetForegroundWindow();
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    Congratulations, you have a stack overflow. Just use a simple while loop rather than making your function recursive. – Jonathan Potter May 29 at 12:32
  • Thanks, that is actually more efficient. – z32byTe May 29 at 12:35
  • You're clicking on a window created by some other application and have your own process that is waiting for the foreground window to change? – jwezorek May 29 at 14:55

Don't poll for the active window, especially not with a recursive function. Just let the OS notify you when a window is clicked.

When the user clicks on your button, you can use SetCapture(), or a mouse hook via SetWindowsHookEx(), to direct subsequent mouse clicks to your app even if they are clicking on someone else's window. When you detect a click, release the capture/hook, and then use WindowFromPoint() to get the HWND at the location of the click.

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