I'm using oracle sql developer for the first time. I want to create a view with two columns of a table combined and seperated by a slash. I have done this in ssms but when I write the same code for sql dev it returns me problems like 'the specified number is invalid.

SELECT ID AS W_ID, CAST(data1 AS VARCHAR)+' - '+data2 AS W_CODE, +data3 AS W_TEXT
FROM table1
WHERE data3=1;

how can I translate this query in Oracle ?


Oracle uses the standard || operator for string concatenation, not +:

       (data1 ||  ' - ' || data2) AS W_CODE,
      data3 AS W_TEXT
FROM table1
WHERE data3 = 1;

Casting to a string is unnecessary. Oracle will do that automatically. If you do, TO_CHAR() is the more colloquial method in Oracle, because it lets you control the format for numbers and dates.

I don't understand the purpose of +, so I removed it. Perhaps you want abs()?

  • it returns me the error missing right parenthesis.. --- edit: the right parenthesis goes before the AS! Thank you very much! – helloandroiddevelopers May 29 at 14:14
  • @helloandroiddevelopers - you don't need the parentheses at all. – Alex Poole May 29 at 14:25

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