I would like to use the Collide force in D3 to prevent overlaps between nodes in a force layout, but my y-axis is time-based. I would like to only use the force on the nodes' x positions.

I have tried to combine the collide force with a forceY but if I increase the collide radius I can see that nodes get pushed off frame so the Y position is not preserved.

  var simulation = d3.forceSimulation(data.nodes)
    .force('links', d3.forceLink(data.links))
    .force('x', d3.forceX(width/2))      
    .force('collision', d3.forceCollide().radius(5))
    .force('y', d3.forceY( function(d) { 
      var date = moment(d.properties.date, "YYYY-MM-DD");
      var timepos = y_timescale(date)
      return timepos; }));

My hunch is that I could modify the source for forceCollide() and remove y but I am just using D3 with <script src="https://d3js.org/d3.v5.min.js"></script> and I'm not sure how to start making a custom version of the force.

Edit: I have added more context in response to the answer below: - full code sample here - screenshot here


Not quite enough code in the question to guarantee this is what you need, but making some assumptions:

Often when using a force layout you would allow the forces to calculate the positions and then reposition the node to a given [x,y] co-ordinate on tick e.g.

function ticked() {
    nodeSelection.attr('cx', d => d.x).attr('cy', d => d.y);

Since you don't want the forces to affect the y co-ordinate just remove it from here i.e.

nodeSelection.attr('cx', d => d.x);

And set the y position on, say, enter:

nodeSelection = nodeSelection
    .attr('class', 'node')
    .attr('r', 2)
    .attr('cy', d => { 
      // Set y position based on scale here
  • Hi @Tom many thanks for your reply. I tried this since asking the question. It helps but the collide force doesn' t work as well as it is still using a d.y position which isn't the correct one. This still results in overlaps, as you can see in this screenshot. Is there a way to have the collide force not touch the y position but still still take it into account? I have been trying to modify the function but I can't make sense of it: github.com/d3/d3-force/blob/master/src/collide.js – David Benque May 31 at 13:28
  • in the screenshot the radii of the node and the collide force are both set to the same value (40) – David Benque May 31 at 13:30
  • edited to add link to more code for context: gitlab.com/snippets/1862402 – David Benque May 31 at 13:41

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