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From my code below, i want to update the "firstname" value when i click on the tag element h1 :


    <h1 @click="reverseMessage"> Hello {{person.firstname}} {{message}} </h1>
    <label>Firstname : <input type="text" v-model="person.firstname"></label>
    <label>Message : <input type="text" v-model="message"></label>

    export default {

        return {
            console.log(this.person.firstname.split('').reverse().join( '' ))

The console inside resverseMessage method is working well, but this not reflect the value inside the template.

Any idea?

Thank you

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    You need to change reverseMessage to this: this.person.firstname = this.person.firstname.split('').reverse().join(). The value of this.person.firstname doesn't change when you call split on it, you need to actually set the value. See the answers in the linked posts for more info. – thanksd May 29 at 18:18
  • Right, you made my day,why did i missed this ? – ikalangita May 29 at 22:49

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